Spanish languageSpanish Titles ~ Los títulos

Titles are important in Spanish, and they are used somewhat differently than their English counterparts.

  1. Spanish titles are not capitalized, except when abbreviated
  2. When they precede a name, Spanish titles must sometimes be preceded by the definite article
  3. There are masculine and feminine versions of most titles
Spanish title   Abbreviation   English title
señor   Sr.   Mr.
señora   Sra.   Mrs.
señorita   Srta.   Miss
don   D.   Sir
doña   Dª, Dña   Lady
doctor   Dr.   Dr.
doctora   Dra.   Dr. (female)
profesor   Prof.   Professor
profesora   Profa.   Professor (female)

Spanish titles and definite articles

When speaking about a titled person in Spanish, you need to precede the title with the definite article:

El señor Cruz no está aquí.   Mr. Cruz is not here.
¿Dónde vive la profesora Manuel?   Where does Professor Manuel live?

However, when you are speaking to the person, you do not use the definite article:

Señor Cruz, ¿cómo está Ud.?   Mr. Cruz, how are you?
Profesora Manuel, por favor, espere un momento.   Professor Manuel, please wait a moment.


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