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What's your job? Learn to talk about what you do with this list of some common professions in Spanish.

An indefinite article indicates that the noun is always that gender, no matter what the gender of the person it is referring to. Un/a indicates that the noun is spelled the same for both men and women. No article indicates that the noun is made feminine by replacing the final o with a (cajero -> cajera), or by adding a after or (director -> directora).

un actor
una actriz
artist un/a artista
baker panadero
butcher carnicero
carpenter carpintero
cashier cajero
civil servant funcionario
cook cocinero
doctor médico
electrician un/a electricista
employee empleado
engineer ingeniero
flight attendant un(a) auxiliar de vuelo
lawyer (barrister) abogado
maid una criada
manager director
mechanic mecánico
nurse enfermero
pilot el piloto
plumber un plomero
police officer un policía
receptionist una recepcionista
secretary secretario
student un/a estudiante
teacher profesor
waiter/waitress camarero
writer escritor


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