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Speaking Spanish is a lot more than just vocabulary and verb conjugations. Your ability to speak and understand the language will be greatly enhanced by knowing some commonly used idiomatic expressions, and even proverbs and clichés. Take some time to study them and begin incorporating them into your speech.

Spanish expressions with...
Acabar Estar Quedar
Andar Haber Querer
Buscar Hablar Saber
Caber Hacer Salir
Caer Ir Ser
Comer Llamar Tener
Dar Llevar Tomar
Decir Meter Traer
Dejar Oír Valer
Dormir Poner Venir
Echar Por / Para  

Dichos y refranes
Random Spanish expression generator.

Spanish Proverbs
Learning proverbs is an interesting way to add commonly-used expressions to your Spanish repertoire. Here are about 100 Spanish proverbs, with English equivalents and literal translations.


Recommended Books

cover1001 Most Useful Spanish Words
Master the most essential Spanish vocabulary with this handy book.


Street Spanish
David Burke's "Street Spanish" is a great introduction to Spanish as it's actually spoken. It includes slang, idioms, and tips on how to sound less "foreign."


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