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Spanish languageVenir - To Come - Spanish Expressions
Venir is used in a number of common expressions.
venir a    to come to, serve to
venir a buscar to get, to come for
venir a las manos to come to blows
venir a ser to turn out to be
venir bien to fit, do nicely, be suitable
venir de to come from, stem from, originate in
venir cansado, aburrido to be tired, bored
venir + present participle to have been doing something (present progressive)
estar a ver venir to sit on the fence
hacer venir a uno to fetch someone
ver venir to see what happens
venirse to ferment
venirse abajo, al suelo, a la tierra to fall down, crumble
¿A qué viene esto? What's behind all this?
¿A qué vienes? What do you want?
Eso vengo diciendo, haciendo That's what I've been saying, doing all along
(la semana) que viene next (week)
¡Venga! Come on! Let's go! Hand it over!
(alguien) venga a pedir (someone) keeps asking questions
venga de preguntas with endless questions
Venga lo que venga/viniere Come what may
¡Venga ya! Come off it!

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