Spanish language Quedar - To Stay - Spanish Expressions
Quedar literally means "to stay" and is also used in various idiomatic expressions.
quedar to stay
  to remain
to be left
por no quedar malo in order to do the right thing
por quedar bien in order to make a good impression
quedar asombrado to be amazed
quedar atrás to remain/fall behind
quedar bien to come off well, make a good impression
quedar bien con alguien to be on good terms with someone
quedar boquiabierto to be agape/open-mouthed (in astonishment, bewilderment)
quedar ciego to go blind
quedar cojo to go lame
quedar como un canalla to be/show oneself as a scoundrel
quedar con alguien to make a date with someone
quedar de pie to remain standing
quedar en to agree on; to end up as, result in
quedar en + infinitive to agree/arrange to
quedar(se) en nada to come to nothing
quedar en ridículo to make a fool of
quedar inmóvil to be/remain motionless
quedar heredero de to become heir of
quedar mal to do badly, look bad
quedar mal con alguien to be at odds with someone
quedar mejor to look better
quedar motivo to have a reason/motive
quedar por + infinitive to remain to, to be still to be + past participle
quedar remedio to be/have a solution
quedar sin hacer to remain undone
quedar sin realizar to never be carried out
¿Cuánto te quedo a deber? How much do I owe you?
Eso queda muy lejos. That's very far away.
La cosa así queda. That's how the matter/affair stands.
quedarse (10 pesos) to have (10 pesos)
quedarse con to keep, hold on to
quedarse con alguien (inf) to swindle, cheat, fool
to tease, pull someone's leg
to bore the pants off
quedarse con el día y la noche to be left penniless
quedarse de una pieza to be dumbfounded
quedarse helado to be scared stiff
quedarse sin blanca to be / go broke
quedarse sin empleo to lose one's job

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