Spanish languageCaber - To fit, To be possible - Spanish Expressions
Caber is a Spanish verb with two distinct meanings and is also used in a number of common expressions.
caber to fit
  to have room for
  to be possible
caber a alguien (money) to get ___ as one's share
caber a alguien el honor / el privilegio / la responsabilidad de... to have the honor/privilege/satisfaction of...
caber en to fit into
caber imaginar to be able/possible to imagine
caber por to go/fit through
¿Cabe la posibilidad de que...? Is it possible that...? Is there a chance that...?
Cabe preguntar si... You/One might ask if...
no caber a alguien tal suerte to not have such/the same luck
no caber en sí (de alegría, orgullo, satisfacción...) to be beside oneself, bursting (with joy, pride, satisfaction...);
to be presumptuous, full of oneself
no caber hacerlo to not have it in oneself to do something
No cabe duda de que... There's no doubt that..., The only thing for it is to...
No cabe más que + infinitive All we can do is..., The only option is to...
No cabe perdón. It's inexcusable.
¡No me cabe en la cabeza! I can't understand!
dentro de lo que cabe under the circumstances, considering
si cabe if possible


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