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A good dictionary is one of the most important tools for Spanish students. There is a great selection of free dictionaries available online, but it's also a good idea to have a program or two on your computer and maybe even an old-fashioned paper copy for your desk.

Spanish Dictionaries

Spanish Dictionary & ToolsIf you spend most of your time on the computer, dictionary software is a much better option than a book. Word Magic's Spanish dictionary and tools is an excellent suite of programs, including translations, idioms, synonyms, antonyms, and verb conjugations. You can search by word or by phrase, in Spanish and English.
The Harper Collins Robert hardcover includes more than 130,000 entries. It lists both American and British English, and indicates whether terms are specific to certain regions of the Spanish-speaking world.
Harper-Collins Spanish Dictionary
Harper Collins Spanish Dictionary
If the above dictionary is too big for your purposes, there is a pocket version by the same publishers. It includes the same features as the hardcover, but is considerably smaller, with about 70,000 entries.
Harper-Collins Pocket Spanish Dictionary
Harper Collins Pocket Spanish Dictionary
If you are serious about becoming fluent in Spanish, you'll need to invest in a Spanish-only dictionary: get into the habit of looking things up and reading the Spanish definition, rather than looking up translations.
El Diccionario de la Lengua española


Online Spanish Dictionaries

This dictionary can be used right here - just choose Spanish-to-English or English-to-Spanish, type your word, and hit enter to see the translation.

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Audio Dictionary
The Spanish audio dictionary contains more than 700 alphabetical entries, each with a Spanish word or expression, sound file, English translation, and link to additional information.

Diccionario de español
Type a Spanish word to see its part of speech, any derivations, and a list of definitions. Spanish only.

Choose between regular, visual, and specialized dictionaries. You must register to be able to use this site - it's free for 30 days.
Online English-Spanish-English audio dictionary, with more than 56,000 entries, about 15% of which include audio.


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