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Spanish verb conjugationsSpanish Verb Deconjugator

Find the infinitive of any Spanish verb conjuguation

Spanish verb conjugator | Spanish verb deconjugator

Spanish Verb Deconjugator

The Spanish verb deconjugator can help you determine which infinitive any given verb conjugation belongs to, and therefore what it means. Just type any conjugation* in the box with accents** if needed and click Deconjugate. You'll be taken to a search page with links to the verb conjugation page for any verb(s) that include that conjugation.

*You can even type infinitives, but for those my Spanish verb conjugator is more efficient.

**The deconjugator will search for exactly the spelling you provide, so be sure you type the Spanish accents.


  1. After typing the conjugation, be sure to click "Deconjugate" as pressing the enter key can be problematic.
  2. The search page you arrive at will have the infinitive listed in the description, so if that's all you're after you can stop there. Or you can click through to the page to see all the conjugations and related links.
  3. The Spanish verb deconjugator works best with simple tenses, not compound tenses.


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