Spanish languageValer - To Be Worth - Spanish Verb

Valer - to be worth - is irregular in the first person singular.

yo valgo    nosotros  valemos
vales vosotros valéis
él, ella, Ud. vale ellos, ellas, Uds. valen

Valer usually means to be worth, but also has a number of other possible meanings:

  • to aid, protect
  • to be valid, apply
  • to cause
  • to cost
  • to earn
  • to equal, be equal to
  • to help
  • to serve, be useful
  • to win
No vale ser famoso. Being famous won't help/protect you.
Estos libros valen cien dólares. These books are worth $100.
No valgo para este trabajo. I'm no good for/at this job.
La cuenta vale 15 Euros. The (restaurant) bill equals 15 Euros.
¿Cuánto vale la mesa?    How much does the table cost?


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