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Spanish language Spanish Present Perfect ~ Pretérito perfecto

The Spanish present perfect is used just like its English counterpart: to express that something has happened at some point before now, at an unspecified time in the past. It cannot be used with specific times, dates, days, or years, unless it indicates a repetition of actions during that period of time.

¿Has comido? Have you eaten?
Ya he comido aquí. I have already eaten here.
Lo hemos visto tres veces esta noche. We have seen him three times tonight.

Conjugating the Spanish Present Perfect

The present perfect is a compound verb formed with the present tense of the auxiliary verb haber + the past participle of the main verb.


yo he hablado nosotros hemos hablado
has hablado vosotros habéis hablado
ha hablado ellos
han hablado


yo he salido nosotros hemos salido
has salido vosotros habéis salido
ha salido ellos
han salido

The present perfect progressive is formed with the verb llevar:

Llevo dos días buscando el perro - I've been looking for the dog for two days.


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