Spanish language Acabar - To Finish, Complete

The Spanish regular -ar verb acabar means to finish, complete, or come to an end. Acabar is also used in three common grammatical constructions.

acabar de + infinitive to have just + past participle
Acabo de llegar. I've just arrived.
Acabamos de terminar. We've just finished.
This construction is most common in the present tense, but can also be used in the imperfect to mean "had just..."
Yo acababa de hacerlo. I had just done it.
Acababan de salir cuando... They had just left when...
acabar + gerund
acabar por + infinitive
to end up + gerund
Acabo saliendo.
Acabo por salir.
I ended up leaving.
Acaban yendo.
Acaban por ir.
They ended up going.
Acabamos veniéndolo.
Acabamos por venderlo.
We ended up selling it.


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