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Spanish languageSpanish Negation

To make a Spanish statement or question negative, place «no» in front of the verb. 

No tengo un lápiz. I don't have a pencil.
Elena no está aquí. Elena is not here.
¿No tienes hambre? Aren't you hungry?

There are a number of negative expressions that work with no.

no... nunca
no... jamás
no... nunca más never again
no... tampoco neither, not either
no... nada nothing
no... nadie no one
no... en/por ninguna parte nowhere
ya no* no more
todaviá no* not yet

These negative words may be used in two different ways.

1. Two part usage: Place no in front of the verb and the negative word after it.
No hay nadie a la fiesta. There's no one at the party.
Juan no trabaja nunca los sábados. Juan never works on Saturday.
No tengo tampoco un gato. I don't have a cat either.
Todavía no puedo salir. I can't go out yet.
2. One part usage: Place the negative word in front of the verb and drop the no (the negative expressions with * cannot be used this way).
Nadie está a la fiesta. No one is at the party.
Juan nunca trabaja los sábados. Juan never works on Saturday.
Tampoco tengo un gato. I don't have a cat either.
Nada va a pasar. Nothing is going to happen.

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