Posted in Prepositions on 26 February 2017

Introduction to some of the most common Spanish prepositions: a, con, de, en, and sin.

Stem-Changing Verbs

Posted in Verbs on 19 February 2017

Spanish stem-changing verbs have a spelling change in the stem of most forms. Many common verbs are stem-changing, so be sure to learn how to conjugate them with this lesson.

Love language

Posted in Vocabulary on 12 February 2017

Spanish is a Romance language, which means it must be romantic, right? Here’s the most romantic Spanish vocabulary of all. 🙂

LL – Spanish Pronunciation

Posted in Pronunciation on 5 February 2017

LL is not pronounced like L – listen and learn with this lesson.

Spanish Tutors

Posted in Spanish Tools on 26 January 2017

Want to get serious about your Spanish? Get personalized instruction with your own private tutor so that you’re always working on exactly what you need and at your own pace. It’s free to email potential tutors, so send your questions to two or three before making a decision.

Colors in Spanish

Posted in Vocabulary on 19 January 2017

Lesson with sound files for all of the lovely Spanish colors.

Todo, Toda, Todos, Todas

Posted in Adjectives, Pronouns on 5 January 2017

Todo is a very common and versatile word in Spanish that can be used as an adjective or as a pronoun.

Cu – Spanish pronunciation

Posted in Pronunciation on 29 December 2016

Learn the two possible pronunciations for the Spanish letter combination cu.

Reflexive verbs

Posted in Verbs on 22 December 2016

Reflexive verbs must be used with a reflexive pronoun in order to indicate that the subject is performing the action of the verb upon itself. While reflexive verbs exist in English, they are much more common in Spanish.

Spanish Christmas vocabulary

Posted in Vocabulary on 15 December 2016

Add some Spanish to your Christmas celebrations with this Spanish Christmas vocabulary.