Elemental Sounds of Spanish

Posted in Listening Comprehension, Pronunciation, Spanish Tools on 25 November 2016

Improve your Spanish pronunciation and listening comprehension with The 39 Elemental Sounds of Spanish Master Class. This series of 4 one-hour live webinars by Idahosa Ness, creator of The Flow of Spanish, is on sale for $37, and you can add on French, Portuguese, and German for $30 more.

Spanish Thanksgiving Vocabulary

Posted in Vocabulary on 21 November 2016

Thanksgiving is not celebrated in Spanish-speaking countries, so here is some Spanish vocabulary related to the American holiday.

Spanish horoscopes

Posted in Fun and games on 9 November 2016

Get some Spanish practice by reading your horoscope.

Spanish vocab: Clothing

Posted in Vocabulary on 2 November 2016

Lesson on general clothing vocabulary as well as accessories and jewelry, men’s clothing, and women’s clothing, with sound files for each word.

Spanish Halloween

Posted in Vocabulary on 24 October 2016

Learn some essential Spanish vocabulary related to Halloween.

K – Spanish pronunciation

Posted in Pronunciation on 26 September 2016

The letter K is one of the easiest (and rarest) Spanish letters.

Possessive Adjectives

Posted in Adjectives on 19 September 2016

Learn how to say my, your, his, her, its, our, and their in this lesson on Spanish possessive adjectives, then test your skills.

Spanish pronunciation: J

Posted in Pronunciation on 12 September 2016

The Spanish J has a single pronunciation, and that sound can be very difficult for Spanish students.

Venir – To Come

Posted in Verbs on 5 September 2016

Learn the conjugations, usage, and expressions of the common irregular verb venir, then take the test.

En el restaurante

Posted in Vocabulary on 29 August 2016

How to order and other essential Spanish vocabulary related to restaurants.