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LL – Spanish Pronunciation

Posted in Pronunciation on 5 February 2017

LL is not pronounced like L – listen and learn with this lesson.

Cu – Spanish pronunciation

Posted in Pronunciation on 29 December 2016

Learn the two possible pronunciations for the Spanish letter combination cu.

Spanish pronunciation: L

Posted in Pronunciation on 1 December 2016

L is one of the easiest Spanish letters.

Elemental Sounds of Spanish

Posted in Listening Comprehension, Pronunciation, Spanish Tools on 25 November 2016

Elemental sounds of Spanish

Improve your Spanish pronunciation and listening comprehension with The 39 Elemental Sounds of Spanish Master Class. This series of 4 one-hour live webinars by Idahosa Ness, creator of The Flow of Spanish, is on sale for $37, and you can add on French, Portuguese, and German for $30 more.

K – Spanish pronunciation

Posted in Pronunciation on 26 September 2016

The letter K is one of the easiest (and rarest) Spanish letters.

Spanish pronunciation: J

Posted in Pronunciation on 12 September 2016

The Spanish J has a single pronunciation, and that sound can be very difficult for Spanish students.

H – Spanish’s silent letter

Posted in Pronunciation on 22 August 2016

The H is the only silent letter in Spanish, so it’s easy to pronounce but may make spelling a little tricky.

F – Spanish pronunciation

Posted in Pronunciation on 23 May 2016

The letter F is pronounced the same way in Spanish and English.

Online pronunciation course

Posted in Pronunciation, Spanish Tools on 18 April 2016

The Flow of SpanishNothing beats a private tutor for working on your Spanish pronunciation, but when that’s not possible, The Flow of Spanish is the next best thing. This music-based pronunciation training course combines the flexibility of the internet with personalized feedback, and the result is an interesting and useful way to drastically improve your Spanish pronunciation: The Flow of Spanish

If you need more basic help with Spanish pronunciation and listening comprehension, take a look at The 39 Elemental Sounds of Spanish Master Class.

Spanish Pronunciation – G

Posted in Pronunciation on 4 January 2016

The Spanish letter G can be pronounced in two different ways.