Regular -IR Verbs

Posted in Verbs on 27 June 2016

Spanish doesn’t have many regular -ir verbs, but you do need to memorize these conjugations (and then take the test!)


Posted in Vocabulary on 20 June 2016

This lesson has vocabulary and sound files for dozens of food items and everything related to eating, including names of meals, dishes, and silverware.

Hacer – Conjugations and Expressions

Posted in Verbs on 30 May 2016

Learn how to conjugate and use the common irregular Spanish verb hacer, then take the test.

F – Spanish pronunciation

Posted in Pronunciation on 23 May 2016

The letter F is pronounced the same way in Spanish and English.

La Familia – The Family

Posted in Vocabulary on 16 May 2016

Learn vocabulary related to the family (parents, grandparents, aunts + uncles, etc.)

Regular -ER Verbs

Posted in Verbs on 25 April 2016

Introduction to -ER verbs, the second most common type of Spanish verbs, with conjugations and a quiz.

Online pronunciation course

Posted in Pronunciation on 18 April 2016

The Flow of SpanishNothing beats a private tutor for working on your Spanish pronunciation, but when that’s not possible, this online course is the next best thing.

Adjetivos – Spanish Adjectives

Posted in Adjectives on 11 April 2016

An introduction to β€œconjugating” Spanish adjectives.

Spanish proverbs

Posted in Vocabulary on 4 April 2016

Learning proverbs is an interesting way to add commonly-used expressions to your Spanish repertoire. Here are about 100 Spanish proverbs, with English equivalents as well as literal translations.

Si clauses: Third conditional

Posted in Verbs on 28 March 2016

The least common type of si clause: impossible situations. This β€œthird conditional” construction is used when referring to something that would have happened if some condition had been met. Since the condition was not met, the result clause is impossible.

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