Idiomatic Pronominal Verbs

Posted in Verbs on 28 September 2015

Pronominal verbs are verbs that must be used with a reflexive pronoun in order to indicate that the subject is performing the action of the verb upon itself. For some verbs, one or more pronominal meanings may be considerably different from the non-pronominal meaning(s).

Si clauses: First conditional

Posted in Verbs on 21 September 2015

There are three constructions for expressing possible or likely situations, known as the first conditional.

Expressions with hablar

Posted in Vocabulary on 14 September 2015

Hablar literally means “to speak” or “to talk” and is used in a number of common expressions.

Spanish verb conjugator

Posted in Spanish Tools, Verbs on 7 September 2015

The Spanish verb conjugator has simple-tense conjugations for more than 1,200 Spanish verbs.

Interrogative Adjectives

Posted in Adjectives on 12 June 2015

Qué, cuál, and cuánto are Spanish interrogative adjectives. An adjective is a word that modifies a noun, and interrogative means questioning, so interrogative adjectives are adjectives used to ask the questions what, which, and how much/many.


Posted in Verbs on 5 June 2015

Seguir, to follow or to continue, is a common irregular Spanish verb.

Perfect Infinitive

Posted in Verbs on 24 March 2015

The Spanish perfect infinitive indicates an action that occurred before the action of the main verb, but only when the subject of both verbs is the same. The perfect infinitive sounds awkward in English – we usually change it to another tense or reword the sentence completely.

Expressions with llamar

Posted in Vocabulary on 17 March 2015

Llamar literally means “to call” in all senses of the word and is used in many Spanish expressions.

Negative Adjectives

Posted in Adjectives, Negation on 10 March 2015

Spanish negative adjectives negate, refuse, or cast doubt on a existence of the noun that they modify. No… ninguno is the only Spanish negative adjective and means “no” or “not any.”

Creer – to believe

Posted in Verbs on 3 March 2015

Creer – to believe or to think – is a common irregular Spanish verb. Click to learn how to use it.

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