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The following articles address various issues in Spanish language and hispanophone cultures. Enjoy!

Does it mean "now" or doesn't it?

Argentinian Spanish - Yo and Vos
Guest author Gabriela Madera explains some differences in Argentinian Spanish: the pronunciation of yo and the use of vos in place of .

Embarrassed or pregnant?
Be careful with the Spanish term embarazada.

Spanish word endings
How to instantly learn hundreds of Spanish words.

Spanish Gesture: Tacaño
Learn about the Spanish gesture tacaño, meaning cheapskate.

Spanish is Easier than French... Not!
There is a common myth among English speakers that Spanish is easier than French. In fact, there are "more difficult than" elements in both. Here is a detailed comparison of the two languages, so you decide if one is easier than the other.

Spanish Work Study
If you're ready to use your Spanish in the real world, or you want to keep studying but can't afford traditional classes, consider don Quijote's work study program. By working in a Spanish hotel or country house, you can earn room and board, take intensive group Spanish classes, and get to use your Spanish in real-life situations.

Twelve Days of Spanish
Hopefully both useful and fun, "12 Days of Spanish" is (rather loosely) based on the song "12 Days of Christmas" and includes practical gift suggestions for Spanish lovers on any gift-giving occasion: Christmas, Hanukkah, birthdays....


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